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October 27, 2022

Dear Blake Families, 

Below please find links to letters from the each grade level team with mid-term messages along with the information about Term 1's Family Outreach Period. If you have any questions about your student's progress, please contact their teachers or guidance counselor directly.

Grade 6 - Term 1 Family Outreach Updates (October, 2022)
Grade 7 - Term 1 Family Outreach Updates (October, 2022)
Grade 8 - Term 1 Family Outreach Updates (October, 2022)
Term 1 Family Outreach Period (10/24-10/28)
The week of 10/24-10/28 is the Term 1 Family Outreach week for Blake Middle School. During this week, teachers will send an e-mail to families to notify them if their student is consistently not meeting the standard in an area OR if they do not have sufficient data to assess their student at that point in the term due to absence or missing work. If students are meeting the standards, families will not receive an e-mail from teachers. Please know that you may reach out to teachers or your child's guidance counselor if you have questions or concerns about their progress.
Take care.