Medfield News

Dear Parents,

If you have not already done so, PLEASE LOG IN TO SDM (School Dismissal Manager) and verify your child's dismissal plans.  

SDM is the tool we will be using to make sure your child is dismissed to the correct location, per your instructions.  Your child's default dismissal was set to be his/her bus. IF YOU HAVE NOT UPDATED THE SYSTEM, THIS IS HOW YOUR CHILD WILL BE GOING HOME TOMORROW.  If your child is enrolled in MAP or Kidsborough, you still must go in to SDM to indicate the days he/she should be dismissed to these locations.  If your child is to be a walker or pick-up, you must also indicate this in SDM.  You can set weekday defaults for your child using the 'Parent Preferences and Student Default' tab. 

If you have any issues accessing the system or making changes to your child's dismissal plans, please contact the office (508-359-5538) or email Megan Infantino ( or Christen Gobin (

Thank you for your prompt attention.