Dear Medfield Families,

We thank you for being our valued partners as we continue to work together for the children of Medfield. As you know, building social-emotional learning (SEL) skills is an important goal of the Medfield Public Schools. We have once again partnered with Panorama Education and will ask our students to reflect on their approaches to learning via an online survey. On Friday, November 4th, students in grades 6-12 will participate in a 15-minute SEL survey during their “Flex” or “Advisory” period. During the week of November 7th, our 4th and 5th-grade students will participate in the 15-minute SEL survey during their homeroom. 

 The survey will ask students to self-reflect on Social Emotional Learning topics such as:

  • Emotional Regulation
  • Social Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Grit

 We are asking all of our students to participate, as their responses will provide invaluable insights into how we can improve our practices. If a student doesn’t feel like they have enough information to answer a question, they will be able to skip the item altogether. The responses to these surveys will be completely confidential. Later this month, parents and teachers/staff will also be asked to participate in Panorama surveys. The information from all surveys will be used to inform the development of our new strategic plan. The surveys are nationally normed and we will share the results once the analyses are complete. If for some reason you do not want your child to participate in these surveys, please contact the building principal. 

 A special thank you to the “Onward Initiative” for funding these important surveys. 


Jeff  Marsden