May 23, 2022 --  

Dear Parents/Guardians,


The All Night Grad Party Committee is having difficulty finding the volunteers needed to help keep the Class of 2022’s graduation celebrations safe this year.

The ANGP is a 30-year Medfield tradition that takes the entire Medfield community coming together to make it a success.  Teams of volunteers have been working hard since the beginning of September to organize, fundraise, plan entertainment, organize the food menus, create decorations to transform the school, and more, for an eight-hour celebration for this year’s seniors.  Now we need YOU!  This is your chance to pay it forward as so many others have done in the past.  This is the only way we can make this night happen.  Senior parents are not permitted to volunteer at the event and this is why we reach out to the entire Medfield community for help.

We need adults to chaperone (all exits must have a chaperone), assist with entertainment, food servers, and a clean-up crew during the early hours from 2am to 7am on Monday, June 6th. The early hours sound tough and are far from glamorous, but it’s a rewarding experience seeing the Seniors have their final fun moments together as the Class of 2022. We know the early shifts are not easy for anyone, but giving the seniors a safe, supervised and substance-free celebration is the most important priority and the main reason for this party.

Please help the Seniors celebrate their many accomplishments and successes.   Keep the tradition of paying it forward alive so others will be there for your kids when it is their time to be in the spotlight and celebrated.  

The All Night Grad Party does not happen unless we have volunteers to ensure a safe, supervised, and substance-free environment.  When we say we can’t do it without you, we mean it.  We need YOU!

Please sign up and share this link with friends and family. It takes a village to create fun moments like these.  

Thank you,

Janie Boylan and Kim Price

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