March 16, 2020 -- 

Dear Parents,

As you know, Governor Baker has closed all schools in Massachusetts for the next three weeks. I want to clarify that school days canceled on December 3, March 13, March 16, March 17, and March 18 will be rescheduled for June 16, June 17, June 18, June 19, and June 22. The last day of school will be on June 22, 2020. 

On Thursday, March 19th students and families will begin to get assignments for students to complete. Our work as educators and parents will look very different during the days and weeks ahead, but our common goal of doing our best to support Medfield kids remains the same. This should not be seen as a replication of the traditional school day, this is a measure to provide continuity of learning for our students.  All classroom teachers will be making two "contacts" with students or parents each day. For example, a morning contact could be an email to the student/parent or it could be a notification through Google classroom. An afternoon contact could be a set amount of time when students or parents would expect teachers to be available for questions or feedback. Special Education staff, specialists, guidance, and teaching assistants will be collaborating, consulting, and supporting this work. Grades for report cards have been frozen as of March 12th and none of the assignments your children will receive for the next three weeks will be a formal assessment. Tomorrow afternoon you will receive an email from your building principal with more targeted and specific information.

In addition, we will begin serving bag lunches on Thursday, March 19th for any student in need and will distribute them from 12:00-1:00 outside the Medfield High School entrance. 


Jeff Marsden