Thank you for visiting our webpage and for your interest in the Medfield School Committee.

The committee is comprised of five members that are elected by the voting residents of Medfield for 3 year terms. The committee meets on Thursday evenings. You can find the dates for our meetings at the Calendars link on the left. We encourage residents to attend our meetings to stay informed on the issues. If you would like to get on our agenda for a specific topic, you may do so by contacting the Superintendent’s Office. 

The current School Committee members are:

  • Timothy Knight ('25) - Chairperson/Policy Subcommittee

  • Michelle Kirkby ('25) - Vice-Chair/Financial Liason

  • Leo Brehm ('27) - Recording Secretary/Policy Subcommittee

  • Will Horne ('26) - Financial Secretary

  • Diana Frascella ('26) - Member-at-Large

The primary role of the school committee is to establish and periodically review educational goals and policies for the schools in the district and be sure they are consistent with the requirements of the law and statewide goals and standards established by the Board of Education.

Other Specific Responsibilities:

Finance - Actively participate in the budget process by giving input to its development and approving the annual school budget. Regularly receive year-to-date updates of the annual school budget.

Personnel - Hire and evaluate the Superintendent of Schools. In addition, we participate in the search process for administrator positions.

Collective Bargaining - Form sub-committees to participate in contract negotiations with each bargaining unit. These include teachers, custodians, cafeteria workers, and secretaries.

Professional Development - Provide and encourage resources for professional development for principals, teachers and other professional staff.

Advocacy - Engage in advocacy on behalf of students, staff and our schools for adequate educational funding and other important issues related to education. This includes lobbying our local legislators and making them aware of the needs of the district. We also work closely with other town departments to mutually benefit the community.

Curriculum - Approve major adoption or revisions of curriculum upon recommendation of the superintendent. We strive to bring curriculum information to the community by bringing the subject matter specialists to speak at our public school committee meetings.

Governance - Act only as a body as prescribed by law and not as individual members.

Communication - Schedule public meetings on a regular basis. Consult and confer with the superintendent on all matters as they arise that concern the school system, and which the school committee may take actions. Support the superintendent in all matters that conform to committee policy.

Some of the material above was adapted from the Massachusetts Association of School Committees website