Music Ensembles

Medfield Music Department Philosophy

The Medfield Music Department is committed to providing music education to all students in all grades, in a variety of settings, and across all genres. This education is grounded in standards-based instruction, high expectations, and equity of access. Our curriculum will allow students to grow as individual musicians and become productive and collaborative ensemble members.


  • Students will gain knowledge and skill in relation to individual growth as a musician.
  • Students will gain knowledge and skills in relation to being part of an ensemble.
  • Students will demonstrate an appreciation and respect for the music making process, facilities, and equipment.

ensemble directors:

Jason Bielik, K-12 Music Department Chair

Ann Marie Tremblay, Grade 7 & 8 Choruses; Blake MS Junior Jazz Choir

Barbara Oxholm, Grade 6 Chorus

Brenna Evans, Grade 6, 7 & 8 Orchestras; Blake MS Chamber Orchestra

Ryan Dexter, Grade 6, 7 & 8 Bands; Blake MS Jazz Band

Music Department Website:

Please visit www.medfieldmusic.com for more information on the Medfield Music Department.