Welcome to the Academic Success Center!

Medfield High School’s Academic Success Center is now open! This resource will be available to all students on a drop-in or referral basis during reading periods in the conference room across from Room 201 and will be taught by Linda Grolnic.

The purpose of the Academic Success Center will be to help students improve study skills and executive functioning skills across all content areas. This may include time management strategies, study skills, prioritizing assignments and organizing materials...just to name a few!

This service will be available to all students during their reading period. Students can be referred by teachers, guidance counselor, and parents/guardians. If you want to refer a student, please contact Linda Grolnic via email lgrolnic@email.medfield.net). Reading periods will be available on a rotating basis throughout the week, much like Math Lab, and a schedule will be shared with the faculty. There will be an additional option for students to sign up on a drop-in basis by putting their names on the sign-up sheet outside the conference room across from Room 201. Attendance will be taken and shared via a google doc, so all staff will have the ability to make sure their students attended as planned. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact Linda (lgrolnic@email.medfield.net).