Integrated Preschool

Our early childhood program emphasizes high quality, developmentally appropriate activities that are research-based and promotes success in children with all different learning styles. Self-help skills, social and language skills, fine and gross motor activities and concrete readiness activities are all addressed using multisensory materials that entice all children to learn and grow. Through playful interaction with objects and people, the children learn about the physical and social world in which they live. Music and art, dramatic play, books, science, math, cooking, creative movement, playground, puzzles, games and neighborhood field trips are all part of our active program.

Our language-based program includes monthly themes that address emerging literacy skills in reading and writing, mathematical and scientific reasoning, visual arts, oral language, social skills, movement, and music. Different levels of ability, development, and learning styles are expected and accepted and will be used to design appropriate activities according to each child’s individual needs.

All children have different levels of ability, development and learning styles which are expected and accepted.

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