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EL Program Staff

Memorial School, Wheelock School, & Dale Street School Elementary Level, PreK-5

● Gigi Lozano, glozano@email.medfield.net

Blake Middle School & Medfield High School Secondary Level, 6-12

● Holly Williamson, hwilliamson@email.medfield.net 

EL Program Philosophy

The aim of the English Learner Program at the Medfield Public Schools is to provide linguistically and culturally diverse students with instruction that will assist them in English language development and the skills needed to excel in the school environment. We are committed to offering a program which will meet the needs of our English Learners (ELs) both academically and as contributing members of a global society.

EL Program Goals

● To ensure that all students whose native language is not English are provided with sufficient direct English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction focused on English Language Development (ELD) to allow them to develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills as quickly as possible so they can access the core curriculum in English.

● To ensure that all English Learners receive an education “equitable” to their native-English speaking peers through the provision of equal access to school programs and services.

● To collaborate with the families of our English Learners as partners in the learning and development of their children. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the EL Program

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