Welcome to the Special Education Department!

Special Education Philosophy:

The Special Education Department believes strongly in the meaningful inclusion of all students in the least restrictive environment. Our goal is to empower students to understand their own unique learning styles and to become strong self-advocates. We believe that students should understand and participate fully in the IEP process. Our program is designed to provide students with specially designed instruction to address individual goal areas as well as to build the skills that are essential to a successful post-secondary transition.

Special Education Objectives:

  • Students will understand and describe their own unique learning styles.
  • Students will advocate for their needs across academic and social settings.
  • Students will be an active member of their IEP team in order to assist in developing a plan that accurately reflects their vision.
  • Students will develop a growth mindset, looking at challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Students will apply taught strategies to challenging academic and social situations and seek assistance when needed.
  • Students will develop the skills required to positively and actively become members of their community

Skill Development:

Grades 9-12

Skills Development Class is designed for students to receive specially designed instruction in a small group setting during the school day. This course will address varying goals per a student’s IEP (Individualized Education Program), as well as a variety of skills that students require to access the general education content. This may include the areas of study skills, organizational strategies, the writing process, self-advocacy or note-taking strategies. Additionally, this class may also include necessary post-secondary skills such as budgeting, money management, interviewing and job applications skills.