Current Policy Review

The Medfield Public School Committee is in the process of updating its policies to assure accuracy and completeness. Policies will be posted here as they are reviewed, updated and finalized.  Full text of the reviewed policies listed below can be downloaded in pdf format by clicking on the icons provided in the table below.

Please note that there may be other policies currently in force that are still in the review process that are not published to this site.  Further, although every effort is made to keep these posted policies up to date, the "official versions" of all policies are maintained by the Office of the Superintendent.  In the event of a conflict between materials posted and the written version maintained by the district, it is the written version that is in force.  For information regarding any of the Medfield Public School policies, please contact the office of the Superintendent at (508) 359-2302.

Policy Title PDF (Existing) PDF (Revised)
Non-discrimination Policy and Grievance Procedure
Criminal Offender Record Information (C.O.R.I.) Requirements
Executive Sessions
Public Participation at School Committee Meetings
School Committee Review of Regulations
Teaching About Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs